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  • $160.00$290.00

    Dock Ladder

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  • $85.00$935.00

    Step Boxes and Stairs

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  • $599.95$999.95

    Rough Water Dock Boxes

    Rough Water Products  are not your everyday cookie cutter products that you see in many marine stores. They are high end, high quality, yet affordable product that has been missing in the market. Rough Water dock boxes have the following features: Sleek Rounded Edges and a Domed Lid. All Cut and Exposed Edges are Gelcoated – NO Other Manufacturer Offers This Feature. 5″ Stainless Steel Vents on Both Ends, Gas Shocks for Easy Opening and as a Safety Feature- Will Not Slam Down, 2 Stainless Steel Lockable Latches, Enough Room to Store Dive Tanks in an Upright Position. Plus Extra Room for Other Gear. Optional 6 Pack Dive Tank Storage Rack Available. 4 Sizes to Choose From. All Rough Water Products Come with a 5 Year Warranty.

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  • $440.00$1,110.00

    2 Leg Fish Cleaning Tables

    Work uninterrupted and get to the best part – the cooking and eating! – that much faster. Not only do these tables use only FDA-approved materials, but they also have a non-porous surface with no cracks, grooves, or other spots for bacteria to grow. That means clean, safe, and sanitary fish are there for you and your guests. This two-leg design gives you added stability when mounting on your dock to prevent any slips or bumps from sending your fish or knife overboard. Add on a knife rack, sink, hose holder and bib, or one of our other great accessories to get a master fish cleaning station that’s the envy of the neighborhood or any other marina.

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  • $1,537.00$1,974.00

    Wilmington Charcoal Grills

    The uncompromising quality, strength, and durability of a Wilmington Grill for the charcoal enthusiast

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  • $2,372.00

    Wilmington Deluxe Gas Grill

    The Wilmington Grill Deluxe is our flagship stainless steel grill, designed for years of grilling pleasure.

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  • $2,630.00

    Wilmington Supreme Gas Grill

    The Wilmington Grill Supreme is our sleekest looking stainless steel grill

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  • $3,084.00

    Wilmington Master Gas Grill

    The Master is the largest and strongest Wilmington Grill made,  it is 42″ wide with 3 burners

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