Dock and Deck Supply is your local source for SEAL-ONCE MARINE in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama!  This revolutionary marine waterproofing wood sealer is ideal for decks and boat docks—and it’s also great for treating your outdoor furniture, swing sets, and any other wooden structures exposed to the Alabama Gulf Coast’s harshest marine conditions.  Protect your dock or deck and keep it looking amazing with SEAL-ONCE® MARINE Premium Waterproofing Wood Sealer & Stain.


  • Won’t harm aquatic life, people, pets, or plants
  • Safe to use over salt water and fresh water
  • Non-toxic and odor-free
  • Water-based, with ultra-low VOC
  • Extends useful life of wood
  • Penetrates wood for deeper protection
  • Provides flexible, breathable protective barrier
  • Resists mold, mildew, and rot
  • Prevents warping
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Allows natural graying of the wood, if desired
  • Provides UV protection, if tinted

Purchase SEAL-ONCE MARINE in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL

SEAL-ONCE is a trusted innovator in the world of eco-friendly wood sealers and tinted wood stains.  Their MARINE Premium products provide proven protection for docks, decks, and other wooden structures located in the challenging environments found near open water.  Harsh marine conditions in these locations can pose a problem:  Unrelenting moisture and constant salt water spray can be particularly damaging to wood, shortening its useful life and requiring you to replace it at significant cost and inconvenience.  Fortunately, there are wood sealers available to help wood last longer, but not all sealers are equal to the challenge of a marine environment.  Decks, docks, and other marine structures need the best protection available to withstand the difficulties inherent in their surroundings—a sealer designed for their unique requirements.  

Dock and Deck Supply is proud to provide our customers in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL, with convenient local access to SEAL-ONCE MARINE, a high-quality wood sealer specifically formulated to provide your dock or deck with the best protection available.  Invest in your deck or dock with an innovative product that can improve its longevity.  SEAL-ONCE MARINE Premium Waterproofing Wood Sealer and Stain helps you get the most out of your wooden marine structures.

Eco-Friendly Waterproofing Wood Sealer and Stain in South Baldwin County, AL

If you’re looking for an environmentally-conscious, marine-quality wood sealer and stain that can protect your dock or deck in South Baldwin County, AL, SEAL-ONCE MARINE is the perfect choice.  SEAL-ONCE MARINE is a waterproof wood sealer and stain that uses an enhanced formula designed for use in marine environments, including directly over water.  It is non-hazardous to aquatic life, yet sacrifices nothing in strength and effectiveness.  

While many top-coat sealers simply sit on the surface of the wood, SEAL-ONCE MARINE penetrates lumber, providing a flexible, durable, and breathable layer of protection at the cellular level.  When you apply SEAL-ONCE, you’re protecting and stabilizing the wood, guarding against water damage and decay.  SEAL-ONCE can help prevent wood from warping, molding, or mildewing.  Another benefit of this product is that it is ultra-low VOC, which means it doesn’t have an unpleasant odor during or after application, and clean-up is simple with just soap and water.  

Choose the clear formula of SEAL-ONCE MARINE to allow the wood to age naturally into a classic silvery gray—all the beauty of natural-looking aged wood without the warping or decay.  This product also comes in a variety of attractive tints that act as a wood stain.  Selecting one of the tinted versions adds a layer of UV protection to your dock, deck, or other structure.  Whichever you choose, you can count on SEAL-ONCE MARINE for beautiful results!

If you’re interested in purchasing SEAL-ONCE MARINE, visit our store in Gulf Shores, AL, or give us a call to discuss the options available.