Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel. Comes with Grate



Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Perfect for the backyard or  patio, the Wilmington Grill Stainless Steel Fire Pit features an octagonal design, and is made from 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel .  The octagonal design and heavy duty stainless steel allows for better rigidity, allowing the fire pit that will hold up over many years of use.  As an added benefit, the fire pit comes with a stainless steel cooking grate. Our standard designs includes the Wilmington Grill logo cut into four sides. Other designs available include “Bear”, “Deer Skull”, “Sun and Moon”, “Turtle”, “Marlin”, and “Palmetto Moon”.

Custom Designs Available

Fire Pits may be customized with a variety of designs for a small up-charge. We reserve the right to modify designs to match our manufacturing processes. Contact us for more information.

*Std Designs include Sun & Moon, Bear, Deer Skull, Turtle, Marlin, Palmetto Moon and Woods versions
**Some Custom Designs Extra, Contact Factory

Additional information


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