Dock Ladder



Dock ladders are an important consideration to access the water. Whether you are looking for a straight ladder or lift ladders for your fixed or floating dock, we have the dock ladders to accommodate your needs. All of our ladders are now available with standard or extra wide steps for added comfort. Extruded aluminum channels are serrated to produce a non-skid surface with no sharp edges.
At Dock and Deck Supply we specialize in 4’ and 5’ lift ladders because they help you out of the water after a swim and can be lifted out of the water when not in use; helping keep them clean and free from marine growth and damage. Our lift ladders are constructed from 6063T-5 marine grade aluminum and MADE IN THE USA!
Find the reliable boat dock ladder you’re looking for right here at Dock and Deck Supply, along with 316 stainless hardware for easy installation. We work with name brands like JIF Marine, Garelick, Dock Edge, Tie Down Engineering, and Patriot Docks.

• Rungs slide up and down allowing bottom rungs to be kept out of the water
• Available with 3, 4, 5 or6, or 7 steps (rungs)
• Standard 2″ deep and wide 4″ deep steps available
• Constructed from marine grade 6063 T-5 aluminum with 1-1/4″ I.D. rails and extruded aluminum channels serrated to produce a non-skid surface rung with no sharp edges
• Double rung locking mechanism results in the sturdiest lifting ladder in the industry
• All welded construction for strength
• Rated for 250 pound capacity

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LD4LF C&M 4-Step Lift Ladder, LD5LF C&M 5-Step Lift Ladder, LD5LFSHP C&M 5-Step Lift Ladder Shippable, LD6LF C&M 6-Step Lift Ladder, LD7LF C&M 7-Step Lift Ladder, LD8LF C&M 8-Step Lift Ladder, LD3BFLF C&M 3-Step Big Foot Lift Ladder, LD4BFLF C&M 4-Step Big Foot Lift Ladder, LD5BFLF C&M 5-Step Big Foot Lift Ladder, LD6BFLF C&M 6-Step Big Foot Lift Ladder, LD7BFLF C&M 7-Step Big Foot Lift Ladder, 7-Step Big Foot Lift Ladder, 3-Step Pier Ladder, 4-Step Pier Ladder, 5-Step Pier Ladder, 6-Step Pier Ladder, 7-Step Pier Ladder