Power Pedestals for Your Dock or Marina

Dock and Deck Supply provides access to power pedestals for boat docks, marinas, and more!

Unlocking the Power of Convenience and Efficiency with Power Pedestals for Your Dock or Marina

To fully enjoy all the modern conveniences available in your boat, you need dockside access to the electricity—shore power.  A power pedestal, also known as a utility pedestal, makes that possible.  Dock and Deck Supply offers a range of high-quality power pedestals that allow you to safely and easily tap into electricity for everything from appliances and boat lights to battery charging to air conditioning.  

Here at Dock and Deck Supply, you’ll find a selection of effective and durable power pedestals—innovative solutions that enhance the boating experience.  Whether you’re considering adding a power pedestal to your private dock or looking to outfit your marina, we’re proud to offer quality products from top manufacturers in the marina power outlet industry.  Better yet, we ship nationwide, so no matter where you are, you can access the best in outdoor electrical solutions.

What Is a Power Pedestal?

A power pedestal is a freestanding unit that provides safe and continuous access to electricity, clean water, and sometimes even internet or cable TV connections in outdoor settings. These units are designed to withstand the elements, offering a durable and reliable source of power for boats, RVs, and outdoor facilities. Power pedestals are commonly found on docks and marinas, providing the necessary utilities to boats and yachts, but they are also incredibly useful in RV parks, campgrounds, and outdoor venues.

Power Pedestals: Providing Safe and Reliable Shore Power for Your Boat

The utility of power pedestals extends far beyond the convenience of having consistent power access in outdoor settings. They are a critical component in maintaining the functionality and accessibility of modern docks, decks, and campgrounds. Here are a few reasons why power pedestals are so beneficial:


Designed with safety in mind, power pedestals include features like circuit breakers and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) to protect against electrical hazards.


Built to last, power pedestals are made from materials resistant to corrosion, UV damage, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring they can serve their purpose for years to come.


By providing power, water, and other utilities in one location, power pedestals eliminate the need for unsightly and potentially dangerous extension cords and hoses.

Enhanced Experience:

For marinas and docks, power pedestals allow for a better boating experience, providing the necessary utilities for boats to recharge and restock essential supplies.

Features of High-Quality Power Pedestals

At Dock and Deck Supply, we offer power pedestals that come equipped with a variety of features designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Customize your power pedestal to include the must-have features that best fit your needs and lifestyle.  

Multiple Utility Options:

The power pedestals we sell offer various combinations of power, water, phone, cable TV, and/or data ports and connections, allowing you to choose the configuration that best fits your needs.

Energy Efficiency:

With options for LED lighting and photocell-controlled lights, our pedestals can help reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs.

Customizable Designs:

Do you have a specific configuration or style in mind for your power pedestals?  We offer the opportunity for customization so your power pedestal checks all the boxes and even matches the aesthetic of your dock or marina.

Advanced Security Features:

Equipped with lockable compartments and weather-resistant covers, our pedestals ensure that the utilities are secure and protected from unauthorized use and the elements.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Our pedestals are designed for quick installation and hassle-free maintenance, with easily accessible components and robust construction.

marina power pedestal
power pedestal for docks and marinas

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Dock and Deck Supply

Whether you’re looking to enhance the functionality of a marina, upgrade your RV park, or simply bring modern convenience to your private dock, Dock and Deck Supply’s range of power pedestals offer the solution you’ve been searching for. With durability, safety, and convenience built into every unit, and the backing of exceptional customer service, we are your partner in powering your outdoor adventures.

Questions?  Please contact us today to find out how our power pedestals can transform your dock or marina.