Marine Treated Lumber and Pilings in Gulf Shores, AL

If you need marine treated lumber and pilings in Orange Beach, Alabama, Dock and Deck Supply can help!  

We carry a full inventory of the special marine treated timber you need, whether you’re building or repairing a dock, deck, or need supplies for another type of marine construction project.  Our convenient location on the Baldwin County Gulf Coast makes us the perfect supplier for Alabama’s beach communities.  Just stop by our shop to pick up whatever you need, from a couple of pieces to a whole truckload at a time!  Our wide selection of marine construction supplies and materials is designed to meet your unique needs.

Treated Decking, Composite Decking and Marine Treated Lumber in Orange Beach, AL

At Dock and Deck Supply, we work to maintain a full stock of the materials you require for your current and up-coming marine construction efforts.  We ship quality materials and supplies nationwide, but our shop in South Baldwin County is also a trusted local source in the Orange Beach area.  We carry the materials you need— and we’re only a short drive away, so you can get back to working on your project in no time at all!

Treated Lumber Decking

Traditional pressure-treated lumber is an affordable choice that is also well-suited for many parts of marine structures.  We keep a good stock of pressure-treated lumber in the sizes you need.  Our customers find pressure-treated lumber a cost-effective, long-lasting material to use for building stairs, runners, handrails, balusters, posts, and deck substructure.  

Marine Treated Lumber

While treated lumber decking has its uses, there are other elements of your marine construction project that require a sturdier material.  That’s why we also stock marine treated lumber, with its superior durability.  Marine treated timber and piles undergo a special pressure treatment that uses protective chemicals in even higher concentrations to further increase its resilience and longevity.  Marine treated lumber is typically selected for applications that are subject to harsher marine conditions, including saltwater submersion.  Dock and Deck Supply can provide you with quality marine treated lumber in the quantities you require.

Sure-Step & Composite Decking

Perhaps you’re considering a more modern decking solution, rather than traditional wood decking.  Dock and Deck Supply provides Orange Beach with convenient access to a variety of alternative decking options, including composite decking and Sure-Step.  These revolutionary products offer increased weather resistance and are both low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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Marine Construction Supplies in Orange Beach, Alabama

Baldwin County’s beach and waterfront communities trust Dock and Deck Supply for not only convenience, but also their commitment to customer satisfaction.  With decades of experience in marine construction, ourselves, we have extensive experience and familiarity with the products we carry and how they are used.  Better still, we’re dedicated to providing our area with only the highest quality materials and supplies— products we’d be happy to use in our own work.  We can supply you with everything you need to create your dream dock or deck!

Questions?  We’re happy to be of service.  Please give us a call!