Marine Construction Supplier in orange beach, AL

Are you looking for treated lumber and pilings for a dock, pier, or deck project in or near Orange Beach, AL?  Dock and Deck Supply has a full inventory of marine construction materials for our customers on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  We maintain an impressive selection of top-quality treated lumber– but that’s not all we stock!  We’re the Orange Beach area’s local source for everything you could need for your marine construction project.  

Whether you’re a builder, a contractor, or a DIY enthusiast– whether you need a full truckload of lumber or just a couple of pieces– we’re committed to supplying you with the quality and quantity you need, when you need it.  

Local Source for Treated Lumber Decking in Orange Beach, AL

Here at Dock and Deck Supply, we stock only the superior type and caliber of materials we’d want to use ourselves, including top-quality treated lumber decking.  Treated lumber is a great choice for constructing many parts of your project.  It’s an affordable, durable option for things like handrails, balusters, deck substructure, posts, stairs and runners.  

Marine Treated Lumber, Timber & Piling in Orange Beach, AL

While regular treated lumber is a good choice for certain parts of your project, there are times when it’s better to upgrade to something even tougher.  That’s why we also stock marine treated lumber.  

Marine treated lumber, timer, and piling is specially pressure-treated with even higher concentrations of preservatives than are used to prepare traditional treated lumber.  As a result, marine treated timber, lumber, and piles have an especially high resistance to the effects of harsh marine environments and saltwater immersion.  This superior durability makes it the perfect choice for certain components of decks, docks, and piers.  

Composite Decking and Other Alternatives to Wood

Dock and Decks carries innovative new products that can be used as an alternative to traditional wooden decking.  These materials offer exciting possibilities for your new or renovated dock, deck, or pier.  They can be lower maintenance and more weather-resistant than wood; they can also be more eco-friendly than decking made from treated lumber.  

If you’re considering trying a wood alternative, check out our pages about Sure-Step and Composite Decking to learn about the interesting options we supply to our customers in the Orange Beach area.

Call Dock and Deck Supply today for pricing on lumber, piling, Sure-Step, or composite decking.  We’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the many other products we stock!