Marine Construction Supplier in Elberta, AL

Do you need treated lumber and pilings for your dock, deck, or pier project in Elberta, AL?  Dock and Deck Supply keeps a full inventory of marine construction materials for customers in coastal Alabama.  Whatever you need, from just a piece or two or a full truckload, we are Elberta’s reliable local source for top-quality lumber  We stock everything you need for marine construction so you can get back to work on your project in no time!

Treated Lumber Decking for the Alabama Gulf Coast

Dock and Deck Supply can provide you with high-quality treated lumber decking.  Treated lumber is a great, cost-effective choice for several parts of your project.  For things like deck substructure, balusters, handrails, posts, stairs and runners, treated lumber is an affordable solution to your building material needs.  

Marine Treated Lumber, Timber & Piling in Elberta, AL

While traditional treated lumber works well for some things, there are times when it’s not the best material for the job.  For those more demanding situations, Dock and Deck Supply carries marine treated lumber.  

Marine treated lumber is a type of timber and piling that has been specially pressure-treated with higher concentrations of preservatives than are used for regular treated lumber.  As a result, marine treated lumber, timber, and piles are better prepared to withstand the particularly harsh and challenging marine environments and saltwater immersion.  For increased durability, certain elements of docks, decks, and piers in these unforgiving environments should be constructed from this special type of treated wood.  

Alternative Products for Docks, Decks & Piers

There are interesting and innovative options available to customers who would like to build their pier, deck, or dock from something other than the traditional choice of wood.  We can supply our customers in the Elberta area with these products, as well!  Please visit our pages about Sure Step or Composite Decking to read more. 

Call Dock and Deck Supply today for pricing on lumber, piling, composite decking– or whatever else you need!  We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we stock!