Fish Cleaning Tables

All of our Fish Cleaning Tables are constructed with high-quality materials. The table top is made out of FDA approved high-density polyethylene. There are no cracks or crevices or screw holes for bacteria to build up in. The framework is made of T6061 marine grade aluminum and TIG welded for strength and a clean finish. Each leg comes with its own mounting bracket (vertical) and flange (horizontal), offering good stability. Powder coating is available.


4 Leg Fish Cleaning Tables -

Four legs are better than two, especially when it comes to a strong table for cleaning your fish. The sturdy, TIG-welded marine-grade frame on this Niagara™ fish cleaning table can stand up to harsh weather conditions without rusting, rotting, or encouraging the growth of bacteria.

2 Leg Fish Cleaning Tables -

It’s time to make fish cleaning well, cleaner! With Niagara™ fish cleaning tables you’ll get a constant flow of water to keep your surface clean and remove any fish remains as you’re working. 

Niagara™ Fish Cleaning Tables

With the same great materials and construction as our other Fish Cleaning Tables the new “Niagara” Tables feature continuously running water to keep the cleaning surface free of fish remains.