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More and more property owners on the Alabama Gulf Coast are choosing composite decking for outdoor construction projects around their homes and businesses.  It’s easy to see why composite lumber is so popular: Offering a robust and enduring alternative to traditional wood decking, composite materials stand up well against scratches, water damage, fading, and warping.

Dock and Deck Supply carries a variety of composite decking brands, with an impressive array of options, including solid decking from Envision Outdoor Living Products.  Whatever you have in mind—a dock, a deck, or some other outdoor construction—we’re sure to have a product that will meet your needs and fit your budget.  Give us a call or come by our store conveniently located right here in Gulf Shores, AL!  You can also learn more about the broad selection of composite decking we offer by clicking the link below: 

Envision Composite Decking in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL

Buy Envision Composite Decking in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL

Interested in learning what sets Envision composite decking apart from the crowd?  Keep reading to discover some of the ways that Envision composite materials excel.  Envision makes it easy to enjoy your outdoor living spaces to the fullest!

Envision Composite Decking in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Envision composite lumber is solid decking.  It’s created using a compression-molding process, which removes air pockets by literally squeezing them out through the application of heat and pressure.  The resulting composite decking is particularly dense and heavy.  These are robust decking boards that can stand up well to the challenges of many climates, including the intense heat and humidity of summers on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  

100% Recycled Plastic Construction

Some composite decking products are made of a blend of PVC and wood, but Envision is made completely from recycled plastics, which makes it less likely to absorb moisture, since wood products are more prone to moisture absorption.  As you might guess, when water invades a board—even a composite board—it increases the risk of that board splitting, warping, or rotting.  This is a special concern for those of us who live with coastal humidity, torrential rainfall, and in coastal environments.  Composite decking made entirely from recycled plastic absorbs less water than competitors who use a combination of plastic and wood products.  

Surprisingly Natural Looks

Envision composite lumber features deeply textured surfaces that cleverly mimic the look of real wood.  It’s the perfect choice for homeowners who love the beauty of traditional wood but want the low-maintenance durability of a man-made product.  Envision goes to great lengths to create composite decking products that capture realistic, natural-looking woodgrain in a man-made material.  

Wide Range of Options

Envision offers a number of product lines—Distinction, Expression, Ridge Premium, and EverGrain—each with different prices and features, catering to a wide range of customers.  You can find one that meets your specific needs and won’t break your budget.  The different product lines also allow flexibility in terms of installation:  Some are installed with screws or nails, while others use a system of hidden fasteners for a cleaner look.  Depending on your wishes, you can cover the cut ends of planks with matching fascia boards or leave the ends uncovered.  All Envision products are covered by a warranty to protect customers in the event of a manufacturing defect.  

Attractive Color Selection

Inspired by the knowledge that most customers choose natural wood tones—brown, auburn, gray—for their composite decking, Envision has built a collection of shades and hues based on these ever-popular color selections.  Color options vary by product line, but every color was carefully selected to beautifully complement homes and enhance outdoor living areas.  You’re sure to find the one that matches your unique sense of style!

Envision's New Cool Tread Technology Available in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

Envision now offers a revolutionary improvement that makes their composite decking even safer and more comfortable for bare feet!  Their new Cool Tread Technology is designed to offer greater traction while also staying cooler underfoot.  Available in three gorgeous colors in the Distinction line of products, these boards are 25% cooler than average leading competitors—and they provide 25% better traction, too!  Of course, under certain circumstances, decking will always get hot, but Cool Tread Technology makes it measurably more comfortable to enjoy your outdoor living space while bare-footed.

Envision Railing and Accessories in Baldwin County, AL

Envision also has its own range of railing and accessories that coordinate perfectly with their composite decking products, making it a snap to create a cohesive, complementary look for your whole project.  Envision currently offers the following types of railings and accessory products, any of which Dock and Deck Supply can special order just for you!

  • Aluminum railing
  • Composite railing
  • Vinyl/PVC railing
  • Steel railing
  • Vinyl fencing (pool, privacy, post & rail, or picket)
  • Vinyl pergola
  • Porch posts and columns

Affordable Composite Decking in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, AL

Dock and Deck Supply is proud to provide our customers in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach with convenient and handy access to a variety of composite decking products, including Envision Composite Lumber.  Our friendly associates are available to assist you with your order and answer whatever questions you have.  

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