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We understand the importance of picking the right lift for your investment. Whether you need a 7,000 pound-40,000 pound boat lift, personal watercraft lift, kayak lift or service to your existing boat lift we offer it all.

There are many options when choosing a lift. At Dock and Deck Supply they partnered with only the top lift manufactures such as Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts . All offer over 30 years’ experience, low-maintenance boat lifts that are MADE IN THE USA.

Dock And Deck Supply

What makes Synergy Boat Lifts different?

Our all-aluminum bolted frame is the foundation that makes Synergy Boat Lifts the most trouble-free and long-lasting boat lift on the market today. We do as few welds as possible and bolt to ensure the strength of that area. Our toggled cable pulley system eliminates cable twists and reduces the wear and tear on the cables, which makes for a more efficient, and longer-lasting boat lift. 

Our number one goal is to design, engineer, and manufacture a superior boat lift that you can count on for the lifetime of your boat.

  • All aluminum, bolted frame gives our boat lifts 40% more structural strength than conventional welded frame boat lifts.
  • Toggled pulley system designed to run horizontal to the cable shaft, decreasing wear and tear on both the cables and pulleys.
  • Service-free top bushings eliminate the need for greasing.
  • Strongest cradle end built to outlast any boat lift in the industry.

Boat Lifts

We offer two different options in boat lifts: superbly engineered chain-driven boat lift or a maintenance-free direct drive. We can quote you any size ranging from 7.5K to custom sizes. 

The direct drive is our go to choice for all new lifts. With an enclosed aluminum double worm transmission for a maintenance-free direct drive-to-shaft connection. A superbly engineered gear-driven boat lift that exceeds the industry standard- no more belts, grease or chains!

Dock and Deck Supply also offers chain drives are a good option because of the shock-load ruggedness, efficiency, safety and proven battle-tested dependability. This positive drive system does not suffer from belt slippage seen with flat plate drives because each link makes a drive contact on the sprocket, spreading the load over many teeth. Chains are simply the best drive choice for the money given the extreme abuse of the marine boat lift application.


For years, the HP Extreme has been the PWC platform of choice for jet ski users. Walk out to your dock and push your SeaDoo off the high performance rollers it is resting on and be out on the water within seconds. Designed to connect seamlessly to other HP Extremes, you can grow your port fleet and enjoy more than one dry docking platform on your dock. When you are ready to dry dock your WaveRunner, enter the port with little effort and glide up onto the port effortlessly.
HydroHoist received the Marine Recreation Association (MRA) award for the HydroPort Extreme (HPE) and the Most Innovative Product of the Year for 2016.

Truly, this PWC Port stands out among personal watercraft (PWC) docking platforms. The HPE is fully roller-supported, has the easiest load and launch in the industry, and boasts a flat, anti-skid walking surface. Our exclusive bow bumper slows your watercrafts forward motion and provides a soft rest for the keel. Our anti-slip walking surface provides the safest access to your craft. Importantly, HydroHoist molds the port from ultra-tough Polyethylene plastic and fills it with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) marine foam.


We carry the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market. The exclusive bow bumper slows your watercrafts forward motion and provides a soft rest for the keel. The anti-slip walking surface provides the safest access to your craft.


At Dock and Deck Supply we carry a variety of boat lift parts, boat lift motors including:

  • 1 HP Motors
  • ¾ HP Motors
  • Pulleys
  • GEM Boxes etc.