Boat Lifts in Gulf Shores, AL

Shopping for a boat lift in Gulf Shores, Alabama?  Dock and Deck Supply sell top-quality boat lifts to boaters on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  We stock everything you could need for building and enjoying your outdoor life– including boat lifts, boat lift motors, and other boat lift parts (such as GEM parts, pulleys, limit switches, and more).  Whatever the type or size of your boat, if you’re thinking of buying a boat lift in Gulf Shores, Dock and Deck Supply is your convenient, local source for all things boat lifts in Baldwin County, AL!

Protect Your Boat with a Boat Lift​
on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Your boat is a valuable investment.  You can better protect it by storing it out of water when it’s not in active use.  There’s nothing like the convenience of keeping your boat at your private Gulf Shores dock.  Just hop in and go without the time-consuming hassle of dealing with a trailer.  However, if you’re routinely tying up your boat at dock and leaving it the water, your boat is at risk of damage:  

  • Waves kicked up in a storm can cause your boat to crash into your dock or another boat.  

  • Bilge pump failure can leave your boat to sink.

  • The water itself causes corrosion and algae growth, over time.  

A boat lift allows you to enjoy the convenience of keeping your boat at dock while also protecting the boat between uses.  Boat lifts raise the boat above the level of the water for safekeeping.  The boat lift motor quickly and easily raises and lowers your boat as needed.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Gulf Shores' Source for American-Made Boat Lifts

Dock and Deck Supply provides local customers with a full range of boat lifts right in our Gulf Shores, AL, location.  Whatever the type or size of boat you own, we can help you find the right boat lift to meet your needs.  We’re partnered with Dock and Decks, the area’s experts in boat lift installation, so we have the experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have.  

At Dock and Deck Supply, we carry a full inventory of boat lifts– everything from 7,000 pound to 40,000 pound boat lifts.  Maybe you’re also interested in a lift for your jet ski or personal watercraft?  We stock PWC lifts and paddleboat or kayak lifts, as well as boat lifts, so whatever you need to customize your Gulf Shores dock to your unique lifestyle, we can help you get it done in one easy stop.  

We stock only top-quality boat lifts from respected, experienced lift manufacturers.  Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts build some of the best products on the market.  We love that these low-maintenance, reliable boat lifts are made right here in the USA.  We’re proud to sell quality, American-made boat lifts that will stand the test of time.  

Chain-Drive and Direct-Drive Boat Lifts for Sale in Gulf Shores, AL

Dock and Deck Supply carries two types of boat lifts.  The options available are chain-driven boat lifts and direct-drive boat lifts.  Both types will get the job done, but each has its own set of pros and cons.  Not sure which is right for you?  Read more about chain-driven and direct-drive boat lifts here.  Read more about chain-driven and direct-drive boat lifts here, or ask for our expert opinion on which type is best for your specific situation.  Whichever type you opt for, we can give you a quote for any size ranging from 7.5K to custom sizes. 

Give Dock and Deck Supply a call to discuss boat lift options available to you in our Gulf Shores, Alabama, location.  You can also email us any time.  If you’re interested in having your new boat lift professionally installed, our experienced marine construction partners at Dock and Decks are available for installation services!