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Looking for boat lifts in Baldwin County?  Look no further than Dock and Deck Supply!  We offer South Baldwin County easy, convenient access to top-notch boat lifts.  In fact, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your boating needs on the Alabama Gulf Coast!  Whether you need to build your dream deck or dock (or make those necessary repairs to keep it in perfect shape), our store in coastal Baldwin County is your hand source for all things boating.

At Dock and Deck Supply, our inventory offers a wide range of products local boaters need, including boat lifts, boat lift motors, and an array of boat lift parts like cables, pulleys, limit switches, GEM remotes, GEM parts, and both v-haul cradles and tri-toon cradles.  Whether you have a small or large boat, we can easily help you choose the right boat lift for your needs.  Our team of experts is highly experienced when it comes to all things related to boat lifts, and we can help you make the right selection for your precise requirements, based on your docking location, boat specifications, and budget.  

As Baldwin County’s trusted boat lift supplier, we take pride in providing an exceptional customer experience and are happy to assist you in every possible way.  Get in touch with us today to discuss your boat lift installation needs; we are always here to help!

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in South Baldwin County, Alabama

Keeping your boat at your own dock makes owning a boat much easier and hassle-free.  With no need for trailers or the need to launch or reload your boat, you will save endless hours and so much effort.  Getting out on the water becomes as easy as heading to your dock, stepping aboard, and setting off.  You’re much more likely to use your boat on a regular basis when it’s that simple.  Boating should be enjoyable!  You understandably want to maximize the time spent actually on your boat rather that messing around with hauling it back and forth.  

However, if you’re in the habit of leaving your boat at the dock, unattended an in the water for extended periods of time, you’re putting your boat at unnecessary risk.  Your boat is too valuable to leave it vulnerable to serious damage.  

Leaving your boat dockside in the water for long periods can have costly consequences:

Storms and Rough Water

As Gulf Coast residents, we are all aware that thunderstorms can develop unexpectedly and turn ugly very quickly.  Even an ordinary summer thunderstorm has the potential to cause rough waves that can dislodge a boat from its moorings or lead to nasty collisions with the dock or neighboring boats.  

Scum, Algae, and Corrosion

Storms aside, simply leaving your boat in even calm, sheltered water for an extended duration can have adverse effects on it.  Prolonged exposure to the water itself can result in the growth of algae and scum, which can cause permanent unsightly staining.  Moreover, constant submersion in water can eventually cause corrosion that seriously damages the boat’s structure, leading to costly repairs.

Bilge Pump Failure Resulting in Sinking

Relying solely on your bilge pump for an extended period is not advisable.  Bilge pumps can suddenly fail without warning, and if you aren’t frequently monitoring it, such failure could result in severe water damage to your vessel, and in severe cases, your vessel may capsize.  It’s a worst-case scenario, but is it something you want to risk?

Protect Your Boat with a Boat Lift from Dock and Deck Supply in Baldwin County, AL

As boat-owners, we’d rather not spend time worrying about all these frustrating and unpleasant possibilities that could damage our prized possessions.  We want our boats to enhance our lives, not cause stress.  Luckily, a boat lift can provide a solution, removing many sources of worry.  

By investing in a boat lift, you can still keep your boat conveniently at your dock, but with the ability to easily raise it out of the water when it’s not in use, further protecting it from potential damage.  The boat lift’s motor makes it easy and safe to lift and lower your boat as needed, ensuring that it remains high and dry between outings.  Storing your boat above water level with a boat lift provides peace of mind for you and security for your cherished boat, leaving you free to focus on the enjoyment your next adventure on the water will bring.

Baldwin County's Local Boat Lift Supplier

Look no further than Dock and Deck Supply for all your boat lift needs in Baldwin County!  We offer a diverse range of boat lifts in varying sizes and types to fit your unique requirements.  Whether you own a small or large boat, our knowledgeable team can assist you in selecting the right lift to keep your vessel protected.  The boat lifts we can provide you with range from 7,000-pound lifts to 40,000-pound lifts, including custom sizes.  You can rely on us, South Baldwin County’s trusted local boat lift supplier, to equip you with the right equipment to help you keep your boat in tip-top condition for years to come.

Our boat lifts are sourced only from trustworthy manufacturers with a history of reliably providing customers with exceptional quality products.  We proudly present an impressive range of lifts from well-known makers such as Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts, acclaimed for long-lasting products that require minimal maintenance.  These lifts are considered to be among the best on the market, made with great care and attention to detail.  What’s more, they are made in the USA, so you can support American businesses while also enjoying the dependable quality of top-of-the-line boat lifts.

Jet Ski Lifts, Kayak Lifts, & More in Baldwin County, AL

If you’re not in the market for a boat lift, but instead need a lift for your PWC, jet ski, kayak, or paddleboat, you’re in luck:  Dock and Deck Supply can provide assistance with that as well!  

Our dock and deck customization options range from essential basics to exciting finishing touches, ensuring we can meet all your needs as you outfit your dream dock in Baldwin County, AL.  Whether you’re looking for a new lift or components to repair or improve your current setup, we can help.  We strive to make everything you’ll need available in one convenient local shop, saving you time and effort.  

When it comes to custom dock and decks, you can count on Dock and Deck Supply!

Chain-Drive & Direct-Drive Boat Lifts in Baldwin County, AL

Dock and Deck Supply has a variety of boat lifts including chain-driven and direct-drive options available to cater to your boating needs.  Unsure about which to pick?  More information is available on our website, or we can offer expert recommendations based on your budget and needs.  We offer quotes for boat lifts ranging from 7.5K to custom sizes.  In addition, we can help you with expert installation services provided by our reputable marine construction partners at Dock and Decks.  They can assist you with professional installation of your newly purchased boat lift so you can be sure everything’s done correctly for your safety and peace of mind.

We invite you to reach out to us by phone at 251-525-0422 or visit our store, located at 7300 Roscoe Road, Gulf Shores, AL 36542.  We’re happy to discuss the different options available for boat lifts—or help you with anything else you need for your dock or deck!

Feel free to call us at 251-525-0422 to explore the various boat lift choices at your disposal, or come by our store at 7300 Roscoe Road, Gulf Shores, AL 36542 to speak in person.  We look forward to speaking with you!