Boat Lifts in Elberta, AL

Sock & Deck Supply carries a full range of boat lift for all applications in Elberta, Alabama. Our products include configurations for traditional four and eight-piling vertical lifts, elevator, beamless, trident three pile, boat house, deck lift, jet ski, and kayak lift configurations.

 Whatever size or type of boat or dock you have, we can help you quickly and easily find the right boat lift for your situation.

Looking for a custom boat lift? We can build you a lift that is perfect for your boat and your budget.

Protect Your Boat with a Boat Lift
in Elberta, Alabama

Keeping your boat at your own dock makes boat-ownership so much nicer!  No struggles with trailers.  No headaches with launching your boat.  No delays or wasted time.  Just go to your dock, get in the boat, and you’re on your way!  Unfortunately, if you’re in the habit of leaving your boat in the water, tied up at dock, you’re running some risks with your precious boat’s safety.

A well-working boat lift can make boat-ownership so much more enjoyable. There is no delays or wasted time. Just get the boat in the water and you are on your way. 

Boats and other water craft can be very pricey, and a boat lift is a great way to protect that investment. A boat that is left in the water is vulnerable to damages form a lot of factors including weather, algae and corrosion. It also ensures a catastrophic bilge pump failure that could leave your boat with substantial water damage or even sunk!

Elberta's Source for American-Made Boat Lifts

Dock and Deck Supply is South Alabama’s trusted local supplier of boat lifts.  We carry a full range of products and can help you pinpoint just the right boat lift for your unique needs, whatever the size or type of boat you own.  We supply customers with boat lifts ranging from 7,000-pound lifts to 40,000-pound lifts, as well as custom-sized boat lifts. 

Need a PWC lift / jet ski lift or paddleboat lift / kayak lift?  We stock those, too!  In fact, Dock and Deck Supply carries everything you need to customize your Perdido-area dock or deck to meet your needs, from components for the structure to those perfect finishing touches.  We have it all, in one easy and convenient local shop!  

We carry only top-quality boat lifts from companies you can trust.  Dock and Deck Supply stocks lifts from Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts, experienced lift manufacturers with a reputation for durability and reliability.  These are some of the best low-maintenance boat lifts available today, made right here in the USA.  

Chain-Drive and Direct-Drive Boat Lifts in Elberta, AL

At Dock and Deck Supply, you’ll find two types of boat lifts– chain-driven boat lifts and direct-drive boat lifts.  If you’re not sure of the difference between the two, you can read more about chain-driven and direct-drive boat lifts here.  If you’d rather, we can explain the differences and offer an expert opinion, when you speak to us about your specific situation and budget.  We’re also happy to give you a quote for any size of boat lift, ranging from 7.5K to custom-sized boat lifts.

Please give us a call to discuss the boat lift options available.  You can also email us any time with questions.  If you’re interested in having your new boat lift professionally installed, our experienced marine construction partners at Dock and Decks offer excellent boat lift installation services.